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Phill, the co-founder of the Hatch Group, brings a wealth of experience with over 17 years in the industry. Phill has a solid marketing background, having worked at prominent organisations such as Lycos, one of the internet’s pioneering search engines, and Touch Local, which was among the UK’s first online digital directories. His expertise in the early stages of the digital advertising space, including platforms like AskJeeves, has greatly contributed to his successful career.

As the founder of MonkeyFish Marketing, Phill continues to make significant contributions to the field. Phill has honed his expertise in brand development and technology, combined with his passion for digital marketing and all things Google. Phill has worked on digital strategy alongside renowned brands such as BMW, Mazda, Tesco, Crown Paints, Britvic and many others. Phill and his team’s diverse portfolio showcases his involvement in various sectors, including automotive, retail, travel, manufacturing and wholesale. To discuss anything related to digital marketing, web development, web 2 and 3 technologies and more, connect with Phill on his LinkedIn page

Where Phill can help

Phill is a highly skilled professional specialising in SEO, web design and development. He has played a crucial role in the development of Indimand, a wholesale ecommerce solution tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Indimand offers a fully customizable wholesale storefront, advanced product management, and comprehensive sales tracking capabilities.

Additionally, Phill lends his expertise to Web3dom, another subsidiary of The Hatch, which focuses on creating digital collectible storefronts using cutting-edge Web3 technologies. To learn more about Phill’s work and the innovative solutions offered by the Hatch Group, feel free to reach out and explore the possibilities.

Q&A With Phill

How do I book a meeting with Phil?

To schedule a meeting with Phill, you can reach out to him directly on LinkedIn or contact The Hatch Group at 0333 050 4804 or

What can Phill do for your business?

As the founder of our media agency, Phill is a visionary leader who can elevate your brand through innovative strategies. With expertise in captivating media campaigns, digital marketing, and software development, Phill ensures exceptional results. His keen eye for detail and understanding of consumer behaviour will unlock your brand’s potential. Collaborate with Phill to transform your brand into a compelling and influential force in the media landscape. Gain from his wealth of experience in these sectors.

Can Phill do online live audits?

Phill is happy to conduct online live audits. He can perform website health checks, provide strategic insights, and offer an honest consultation regarding your website and business. Phill is open to evaluating your website and conducting live audits via Google Meet. This allows for screen sharing and enables a collaborative session. Phill can visit your office virtually or join you wherever you prefer for a comprehensive review and consultation. Phill is confident he can connect you with the right teams within the Hatch Group empire to ensure you get the best possible support for your goals.

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